arnold lobel show

January 4th, 2014

really liked the arnold lobel show at the contemporary jewish museum! he made everything 1:1 so they were mostly pretty tiny, like stuff i used to do for kids’ magazines. they had some of his color separations up too, totally fascinating and upsetting at the same time. i read trina schart hyman said color separations made her wild with rage and nearly blind. i’m so glad i never had to learn how to do that. a couple sweet things about the show was what it sounded like. people going around would read the text or see toad in a saggy 20s swimming costume and have a laugh. also, the show next door had a grand piano set up and somebody was practicing a waltz. so it was all soft chuckling and short echoey bursts of dreamy piano. the last nice thing was they had a table set up with blank postcards so you could write to a friend. i think i’ll send mine to my little pal bridget, we read a lot of frog & toad together! (i drew the background while studying the cover of mouse soup)

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