granny gear

December 4th, 2011

granny gear

an illustration for bicycle times magazine about using your granny gear on steep hills. it’s out now — i saw one at our local whole foods in the checkout line. it’s always a thrill to see work i’ve done out in the wild!

granny gear illustration for bicycle times

a preliminary sketch of the grocery-laden wife:

it’s hard matchmaking for drawings, so i asked around on the internet: who was her husband? the consensus was: beardy. and that’s how mr. shaggy suspendersman up there came to be.

sweet banana seat

October 26th, 2011

schwinn stingray krate bikes doing sweet jumps
schwinn stingray krate bikes doing awesome jumps, where awesome=freaky, rickety, kid-built, corroded plywood, bust-your-teeth-in. i wanted a banana seat bike so bad in the 80s! a friend of mine had a beautiful blue one with a white wicker flower-bedecked basket in the front. mine was a blue and yellow boys’ huffy, clearly inferior and much less magical.

sweet schwinn fastback

February 5th, 2011

schwinn fastback

love that banana seat and awesome gear shifter.

i saw a schwinn jaguar while out to brunch this morning: