redwood grove

August 18th, 2012

meiling-front-final-small meiling-back-final-small

an invitation for a redwood grove wedding. the bride is a san francisco urban forest and urban agriculture coordinator who saved some trees i really like from being cut down at zeitgeist. hooray!

i love this little bug party:

i spent some time at the botanical garden in golden gate park to do my research. they have a redwood grove tucked away in a little corner by the moon viewing garden. i was really delighted to find that it was carpeted in hearts (wild ginger and redwood sorrell), perfect for a wedding. PERFECT!!

these were the sketches that were smushed together to make the final painting:
meiling-sketch-owls_sm meiling-sketch-snails-sm

i was a little sad to abandon the bats, but i’m sure i’ll find a use for them one day.


June 17th, 2012

livetrace in illustrator has some great potential! i have to mess with it some more. i used it to make some damasks out of the collateral bits + pieces left over from a commissioned picnic wedding invitation:
picnic pests damask, color
gerber daisy damask

gotta figure out where to use that sweet lemonade pitcher and firefly jar:
picnic nouns

this was said couple’s invitation, a good opportunity to practice the vector illustration skillz i’m learning at my design job:
picnic wedding postcard

sweet gerber daisies, sweet couple!