February 25th, 2009

baba yaga’s chicken-legged hut trundles over a blackberry-brambled hill where fireflies lurk, past snaily undergrowth, and into the purple night.
(^^^hee, see how i smush all my etsy tags into one jumbledy description!)

baba yaga
$5 in my shop

yeah!! this one was a breeze, and it’s even steve’s favorite!

there aren’t any goats that i know of in baba yaga stories. i wanted to add one cuz i was listening to a radiolab segment about a whole long quest that started when somebody saw a goat that was standing on a cow. at the very end, after interminable goatless minutes, the person telling the story concludes that it’s no great mystery why the goat was standing on the cow. goats like to perch on top of the tallest thing they can and have a look around. the real mystery was why the cow would let it. the nonchalant cow. (the nonchalant chicken hut?)


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