risograph bowerbird

June 22nd, 2019

My old bowerbird image revisited! I took a Risograph class this week to see if it would be a good substitute for the dear departed Gocco, which I miss using a lot! It turns out to be almost identical but at a larger scale, similarly delightful and frustrating, and a fairly inaccessible medium 🤑🙅‍♀️ (the machines are essentially obsolete and expensive photocopiers and it’s hard to find ones to use or rent $$$—although once you have access to one, the prints or booklets are pretty cheap to make at volume). I made extras: $12 for the more successful ones and $5 for somewhat misprinted.

bowerbird 2è

June 24th, 2010

bowerbird second edition

2nd edition bowerbird, for sale HERE.

octopus love

February 4th, 2010

just in the nick of time for valentine’s day!

^^CLICK CLICK for etsy listing

i really must get better about making seasonal things. everybody else is so much more on the ball than i am.

cards, cards, cards!

December 3rd, 2009

i don’t remember if i mentioned it, but i have some goccoed cards for sale at the museum of craft and folk art store in san francisco! so if you’re local, check them out. it’s a sweet little store full of handmade things just across from the jewish museum (you know, in that enormous intimidating upended black cube downtown). so if you go to the sendak show, pop on over. if you aren’t local, i’m selling the cards in sets of three from my etsy store. there are only 2 sets of the foxes, though, because the museum ran off with most of them. there are plenty of elephants and owls, though. click click click on the pictures below to see the listings.

the museum store is making an etsy page and needed a photo of the fox card, so i took one outside and did a glamorous garden foto shoot. i sent them the mossy one.

fox on moss

fox and daisy

fox on foxglove

fox on pot

beautiful! beautiful, dahling! you’re a fox!

gocco feature!

November 6th, 2009

i’m one of the 13 artists featured in this gocco article & giveaway on sharesomecandy. check it out, lots of studios to snoop in! i’ve actually stalked many of these people’s etsy shops over the last couple years (hee hee, just keepin’ tabs on the competition). i’m so excited to be included with them! i wish we all lived in the same city so we could be a secret treehouse gocco-hoarding club.

mutantly delicious!

May 28th, 2009

(click through to the etsy listing for biggerer)

i like the colors in this print a lot. there is something very satisfying to me about the combination of navy blue, green, yellow and red (the red is a bit more stable and dark than in the picture). i wonder if anybody will want this one, though? it is a bit on the creepy side of my usual creepy-cute.

2nd edition!

May 22nd, 2009

plummy evening-colored nocturnal now for sale.

these came about because i’m making some greeting cards out of three of my gocco pictures for the museum of craft and folk art store(!!!) here in san francisco. i finished printing up their nocturnal order and the screen was still happy, so i ended up printing a bunch of 2nd editions. i’ll probably put up some cards for sale on etsy once i figure out packaging stuff.

two more sets of cards to go! i’ll probably print up some mutant strawberries next, though. but i’m still working on what colors should go on what layer. you know, the usual gocco confusion.


April 17th, 2009

i ate a strawberry that had a nose the other day, and it made me have a think on a new print.

looking at hordes of these on flickr gives one a strange squicky feeling.


February 25th, 2009

baba yaga’s chicken-legged hut trundles over a blackberry-brambled hill where fireflies lurk, past snaily undergrowth, and into the purple night.
(^^^hee, see how i smush all my etsy tags into one jumbledy description!)

baba yaga
$5 in my shop

yeah!! this one was a breeze, and it’s even steve’s favorite!

there aren’t any goats that i know of in baba yaga stories. i wanted to add one cuz i was listening to a radiolab segment about a whole long quest that started when somebody saw a goat that was standing on a cow. at the very end, after interminable goatless minutes, the person telling the story concludes that it’s no great mystery why the goat was standing on the cow. goats like to perch on top of the tallest thing they can and have a look around. the real mystery was why the cow would let it. the nonchalant cow. (the nonchalant chicken hut?)


image from here