jab #2

April 11th, 2021

Some illustration reportage from the post-vaccination waiting area at the Moscone Center for shot #2. I picked someone with interesting hair to sit behind for my 15 minutes (ginger braids!). Then I went home, inhaled a plate of food, and slept for three and a half hours. Steve isn’t eligible for shots til next week and I imagine appointments will be scarce at first, so we’re just going to carry on in our hermity way for a while yet (which is fine cuz I have a huge project to finish). Feeling relieved as more people start getting vaccinated.
The Moscone Center has done a great job at making getting jabbed a cheerful experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful and there were lots of encouraging signs. I appreciated the enormous cavernous space and plentiful keep-your-distance instruction as someone who hasn’t been inside a public building for more than a couple minutes in a year. As I left, a security guard dancing to Pharrell Williams’ Happy waved me out the door. SF D6 Supervisor Matt Haney’s twitter is a good one to follow to find available appointments and myturn.ca.gov navigating advice.

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