c.a. native plant socie-T

September 18th, 2019

T-shirt design process (from final back to thumbnail) for the Santa Cruz chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

The prints turned out very nicely!

goccopocalypse recovery

June 6th, 2010

the goccopocalypse* continues to be a major bummer, but i finally took a screenprinting class to see if i can keep making prints for my etsy shop. it turns out i am really bad at screenprinting.


but maybe not so bad, considering where i started!


clearly, i’ll be needing more practice. the screenprinting class i took was at this place near my apartment called workshop. if you live in san francisco, let them teach you something! they’re really nice, and despite my screenprinting inadequacies, the class itself was delightful.

*goccopocalypse: noun. what happened when the only company that makes print gocco supplies stopped making them.